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Type of Cabinets

It’s exciting to choose new cabinets for a new kitchen or bathroom, but with so many cabinet types choices, how do you know where to start?

While it is good to have a large selection, it can be overwhelming without a basic understanding of the types of cabinets, doors and drawers available, and how to use them to create the remodelling of your dreams.

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Basic cabinets are sometimes called lower cabinets. They are reliable and sturdy and provide a foundation for heavy countertops or can create the perfect kitchen island or window nook. In a bathroom, base cabinets offer a foundation for vanities or can be used to store and organize everyday essentials.


Wall-mounted cabinets, sometimes referred to as wall mounts or tall cabinets, refer to cabinets hung on the wall, rather than cabinets that rest on the floor. A pillar for restructuring with cabinetry; adds beauty and functionality to the kitchen, bathroom, linen room and family room.


Overhead cabinets, also known as pantry or storage cabinets, give you lots of storage space and provide a striking vertical appearance in a room. Traditional tall cabinets have a height range of 84 inches to 96 inches for one unit.


Cabinet doors make a great impression in any restructured room, playing an essential part in space’s visual appeal while establishing your style. They are available with several types of the center panel and different patterns of coverings and inserts.


Cabinet drawers are among the most versatile cabinetry items in your home; they are manufactured in many varieties to meet your functional needs.