Ottawa Cabinets

Our Cabinets

We are an Ottawa cabinet making company that specializes in the manufacturing of high-end kitchen and bathroom cabinets offered in a variety of woods and veneers.

In addition to equipping your kitchen or bathroom, Ottawa Cabinets can create custom cabinets for your home theatre room or recreation room, cabinets for your library and other unique designs to meet your decorating needs.

Your ideal choice for design and installing cabinets in Ottawa

We have more than 20 years of experience with home renovation, not limited to cabinet design and installation, but with complete home renew projects, from top to bottom.




We work on a wide variety of projects



Our team of cabinets specialists will design something unique, made to optimize spacing, storage and appeal of your decoration.



We will prepare the project according to your budget, timeline and expectations. Our plan is to make your dreams come true.



Our specialists will ensure that your new cabinets are properly and safely installed, ready to be used for years to come.