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What is the difference between prefabricated cabinets, semi-custom cabinets and custom cabinets?

Prefabricated cabinets are built, placed on pallets or in cartons and then stored. The cabinets themselves are modular units built to industry size standards. There are also height standards for base cabinets, wall cabinets, vanities and top cabinets. Often the buyer must personally install the cabinets, or the installation must be contracted with the seller’s installer.

Prefabricated cabinets are available in shorter lead times, sometimes with a limited selection, standard construction and lower costs. Some finishing panels and furniture kicks are not prefabricated. Therefore, the installer will have to create them from raw materials to complete the installation of the furniture.

Semi-custom cabinets offer a better selection of options than prefabricated cabinets. Each cabinet can be modified as needed. In many cases, limiting options, including finishes, means less flexibility. Semi-custom cabinets are built to order, and this implies a production schedule and then a manufacturing schedule, which means slower availability than stock cabinets.

Custom cabinets are mostly built and manufactured in-house by local cabinetry shops. The facilities are equipped to manufacture cabinets, panels, drawers, doors, and other accessories, such as wine bottle storage units, recessed covers or entertainment system cabinets.

Customized cabinets give a great deal of freedom in cabinet design. There are no standard models to discourage custom manufacturing or design.

In general, custom cabinets offer more flexibility and customization. The financial investment is usually higher than stock cabinets or semi-custom cabinets, but the added value is worth it!

*Adapted to the kitchen and bathroom network

Why are drawer slides important?

Some vendors do not provide information or data on their components, and lower quality drawer slides can negatively impact cabinet functionality. We offer full extension drawer slides with a capacity of 45 kg (100 pounds). This involves extending the drawer’s maximum depth to provide easy access to the items stored in the drawer. Each drawer can hold up to 45 kg (100 pounds). (100 pounds) of cutlery, pots and pans or other items without warping, breaking or disassembling.

What manufacturing materials are available for the cabinets?

We can match our materials in any style. People prefer melamine cabinets, veneer finish, solid wood cabinet doors, lacquered finish doors, aluminum and polyester cabinet doors. In addition to the wide variety of cabinets, we offer a wide selection of countertops to satisfy all tastes—for example, stainless steel, quartz, granite, marble, laminate or solid wood.

What are my cabinet hardware options?

The choices are unlimited. We use only high quality materials and we can help design your selection, whether it is popular, modern, traditional or functional style.